Digital Sound in the AF Talking Station

Has anyone other than myself kit-bashed the MRC-77 sound system? It worked just great, after some apprehension (so much for the warranty). 

You can hide the the speakers where ever you want after braking them out of the casing. I put one in each side of the American Flyer Talking Station where the screen is. Use double side tape, so you can remove the speakers when you want.

You can install the sound board on the cross support using double sided tape. Re-wire the controls up-thru your layout. Give the control to your children or grand kids while you operate the trains.

They can hear all the rail sounds: Horns, Whistles, Air Release, Brake, Dynamic Brake, Water Pump, Fan, Coal being shoveled, Conductor, Bell, Crossing Gate and Rail Clacks.

You can view the video attachment for additional help