Building a Rail Yard Transfer Table

New Project Under Construction
🚧 04/11/2019 🚧

My S-Scale Track Plans:
I recently moved from Fountain Hills where I had a 5'x16' foot cabinet top train layout. I built it shortly after we moved in to our home of 15 years. Myself being older now, and with my wife passing away, I decided to move back to where we first lived when we first came to Arizona 20 years ago. 

I now live in North Scottsdale in a gated condo-apartment complex. I have more then enough room to build another S-Scale American Flyer layout in the attached garage. I decided go with the Northern Arizona backdrop (Grand Canyon - Sedona) witch is going to be point to point.  I will be building a Custom Operating Rail-Yard Transfer Table at the far end of the layout. 

"How to build a Model Railroad Transfer Table"  

Part I

Materials Needed: 

  1. Cabinet Quality Plywood (2) 24"x 30"x 1/2" inch.
  2. DC12V 4 inch Linear Actuator with Wireless Remote Controller
  3. Quality Metal Drawer Slides
  4. Duracell Ultra Sealed Battery 12v 8Ah AGM

More Photos and Video to follow: