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Arizona  Desert Scenery
The inspiration for the modeling location came to me after taking scenic ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad. The video says it all. I will be building this photo gallery to show the significant realism of American Flyer® S-gauge electric trains running on two-rail track, and using AF rubber roadbed, with Railsound 5.0 in the UP NorthernWhile I'm building my Arizona Desert to Mountain layout. I will try to provide practical tips for constructing my S scale layout. I will do a step-by-step photo gallery that will show my modeling techniques.  A model railroad consists more than just track, scenery, accessories and trains. Things like benchwork, operating system, and location are just as important.



755 "Mystic" Talking Station Wiring

From bottom to top: Green, White, Red, Black.

  1. Connect the white wire to the 707 track terminal between the two fiber pins on the outside rail.
  2. Connect the black and red wires from the Talking Station to the base post.
  3. Connect yellow wire to the 15 volt post on the transformer.
  4. Connect green wire to one of the clips on the control button.
  5. Connect the short black wire from the other clip on the control button to the base post on the transformer.